Yoga & Meditation Online

Chill Mama: Pregnancy Yoga and Meditation

Not able to make it to a pregnancy yoga class in the studio?  No problems!  Chill Mama and Yoga with me in the privacy of your own home.  This gentle, flowing yoga sequence has been especially designed for pregnant women (but it’s also great for women who aren’t pregnant as well).  Please remember to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any yoga practice, especially one at home.

Chill Mama: Yoga and Meditation for the Fourth Trimester

Missing your pregnancy yoga practice?  Body exhausted from the effort of birth and mothering a newborn?  Take some time out to indulge in this gentle yin style of yoga, this class being especially designed for women in the fourth trimester (but great for tired Mums of any stage along the mothering journey).  Please remember to consult with your healthcare provider before returning to yoga practice after birth to ensure you’re ready to go.

Chill Mama: Breathing for Birth & Beyond

In this video we explore five different pranyamas or yogic breathing techniques. These breathing techniques, once you learn them, are extremely effective for activating your parasympathetic or “calm and connect” nervous system and taking you out of a sympathetic “fight or flight” mode. Breathing is one of the easiest ways of finding calm in your life.

Chill Mama: Meditate with Me Series

The Chill Mama Meditate with Me Series is a collection of guided meditations by Amy Vaccaro. Each meditation has a different focus – tension releasing, chakra balancing or loving kindness/Metta. Set aside twenty minutes at the same time each day, pop your earphones in and be taken away to a your internal place of peace and calm.  You can download all three meditations as a series, or just one or two depending on what you need.