Energy Vampires and how to Manage Them (and it’s not necessarily your toddler!)

Check out this video (3:38mins) by Dandapani called How to Spot and Energy Vampire and then lets chat energy…

As I’ve become older, especially after my children were born, I have become very aware of energy, probably because after I had my babies, my energy levels were always SUPER low.  When they were small I ran on very little sleep for a long period of time owing to  Dom’s Autism.  I was completely depleted and life was HARD.  I also had a lot of trouble saying “no” to things.  That’s where defining my values in life became important (check out my last blog post for more info on values).

Now they’re older and I have my sleep back (hooray!), my energy levels have returned.  But they’re different, more fragile somehow.  Owing to the fact that I had to learn to be so conservative with my energy when the children were small, I now have a vast appreciation of where it is going most of the time (I still get caught out from time to time though and given it’s getting to the end of the NSW school term, those reserve levels are getting lower and lower…).

So where does our energy come from?  In the yogic sense, we use the term prana to describe energy coming in to the body.  Prana comes from the oxygen we breath and the food we eat.  Therefore, the better quality our breathing is, the more nutrient dense and sun kissed our food is, and the healthier the body is to enable the absorption of oxygen and nutrients, the more prana we take in.  Daily meditation and yoga help us to become more aware of our individual levels of prana on a daily basis so we can know just how much we have to “spend” so to speak.

And so we come back to the words Dandapani speaks in the video about Inherent Energy Vampires – those who have been like this their whole life.  I really don’t like the term “vampire”, although it is an apt description.  There’s little compassion in that term based on our cultural notion of vampires as being blood thirsty killing machines.  I prefer the term “energy vortex” instead.  The problem with inherent energy vortexes is that they are usually completely unaware of their action and are so desperate for love and positivity in their life that they steal it from others like a small, hungry child stealing a loaf of bread to feed themselves.  So knowing that “where attention goes, energy flows”, and that energy doesn’t discriminate, just like water in the garden, it will grow both a weed and a flower, using our core values we need to choose where we “spend” our finite amount of energy each day.


I vant to suck your energy!! Inherent energy vortexes can be deceiving, at first they might look all cute and friendly, but then out comes the fangs..

Actively choose to practice your energy spend, just like choosing what to spend your money on.  Become aware of those inherent energy vortexes and their suffering.  Give them whatever amount of energy you choose to based on what you can afford and then move on in peace.  Now this might be painful at first.  You might notice sensations of guilt or overwhelm or the inherent energy vortex might use words and actions just like a toddler having a “Mr Stampy” (fists screwed up and legs stomping up and down) moment to try and manipulate you into giving them what they want – your delicious positive energy.  But just like not giving in to your toddler wanting a chocolate at the supermarket checkout because you VALUE their good health and behaviour, do your best to not give in to the inherent energy vortex because you VALUE your own energy and want to spend it in other more productive ways.  Just like a toddler will eventually calm down and move onto something else, so will the inherent energy vortex.

Happy energy spending Chill Mamas and remember: “Pursue a lifestyle where the by-product is happiness” – Dandapani.

© Written by Amy Vaccaro for Chill Mama Wellness, 17th September, 2018.

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