Reflections on my first week in the clinic…

To say that I had an amazing first week running Chill Mama Wellness would be a fairly large understatement.  After an awesome session of prenatal yoga at The Balancing Buddha Tuesday evening, I woke up on Wednesday morning, my first day offering massage at Nurture Health Group, and sat down to meditate as I always do.  The sun was just starting to rise, the sky was a beautiful orange and the world and my body was very calm, an unusual sensation giving the swirling craziness that had been present for so many weeks leading up to the launch of Chill Mama Wellness.  The uncertainty of wondering if I would have any clients, of whether I was doing the right thing with my life all just melted away and a sense of calm, clarity and purpose descended in its place.  My day at the clinic was fully booked, I paid my rent and myself and although I was exhausted, I was chuffed that I had stepped into a space where I could be an autonomous practitioner, working with women to provide them with a space to chill and fill their own cup.

Here are some pics of the my clinic space at Nurture Health Group, including a set-up for pregnancy massage where pregnant women can lie face down with their belly in a special pregnancy pillow.

I am now working on the first offering of Chill Mama Yoga Inspired Birth Education on Sunday 13th of August, which I’m also thrilled about:


I’m looking forward to what the next few weeks brings for Chill Mama Wellness!

Amy V. xx

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